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At J & P Moving, we are committed to making your next move as quick, safe, and hassle-free as possible. Based in Addison Illinois, we provide residential and business moving and packing services throughout the Chicagoland area. We are also available to move on short notice.


We understand that moving time is downtime, and downtime is money lost for your company. That's why our main objective is to move your office as efficiently as possible with the minimum of downtime and inconvenience for your people. We've moved everything from mom-and-pop shops to large corporate headquarters. We are specialists in supervising the tiniest details and experts at using the latest techniques to expedite the process.


How should you pack grandma's antique vase or that priceless, abstract wall sculpture? J & P knows! Trust our professionals to expertly cushion and safeguard the most awkward and fragile items from your home or office. We know the best ways to encase your treasures and unpack them unharmed at your destination. For your convenience, we offer an affordable selection of boxes with delivery.


Reliable trucks mean seamless moves. Nobody wants to lose time because of their mover's equipment failure. We have the right equipment for the job in excellent working order. It all adds up to the speediest move you'll ever experience! At J & P, we use: 

  • Up-to-Date, Late-Model Trucks That Operate at Peak Efficiency

  • Impeccably Cleaned and Maintained Trucks for Speedy, Dependable Service Each Time

  • Onboard Tracking Systems That Report Our Truck's Locations within Two Minutes of Arrival Time



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